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The Newsletter About Inclusive Leadership

Wednesday Whispers are a monthly collection of articles we produced. We, being myself and our guest writers. We bring together a collection of thoughts, insights, musing and, above all, learning with respect to Inclusive Leadership. 

Specifically, our topics are concentrated around: leadership, diversity & inclusion and the transgender universe.

Why is Sign Up?

1. Free Tools & Tricks

Who can resist freebies? Honestly. Every month at least one article will point you to some interesting tool (or tools), offer some tricks and stuff to try out. All in support of your own quest for inclusive leadership.

Next to that, every month I offer the chance of a free coaching session of 1 hour (which is equivalent to a value of 260 USD or 225 EUR). Who can say no to that! Honestly?!

2. Stay in the loop

The field of Diversity & Inclusion is changing rapidly. And yet, it is less in the open. It’s harder to see what is shifting and how to actively engage with the domain. Wednesday Whispers keeps you informed. We scan the market, bring together interesting reads and books. The sole purpose is to grow you as an inclusive leader. 

I ask you: how many places do you know where you are grown as an inclusive leader? #Challenge 

Exactly. That is why you want this newsletter

3. Joining a Community

Signing up for our Wednesday Whispers is joining a movement. As we grow into our own leadership, we hold you naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We make sure you will grow too. After all, you are subscribing to a newsletter run by an expert in designing adult learning experiences… 

Want to participate? You can. Simply reach out to me, schedule a call or drop me a line. Your questions will be addressed in the next newsletter. We love your engagement. What if leaning back and reading, is your mojo? We love you regardless.

4. It’s Only Once a Month

You subscribe and when you get bored, don’t like the content, don’t feel like it is anything for you: unsubscribe. It’s easy. You’ve done it before, you might as well do it again.

Having said that, it would be “leader-ly” to drop me a line when you unsubscribe. Just because I’m curious and I love learning. 

Don’t feel like scrolling up at this point? No worries, you can subscribe here too:

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