Tribes – Seth Godin

Tribes by Seth Godin - How to overcome the fear of criticism and so much more

Seth Godin is always good for a quick read. Nothing fancy, great thoughts, quickly written and even more quickly read. The ideal book for a 4-hour flight. 

The most memorable quote: “We choose to be not remarkable because of criticism

The fear of criticism is actually the worst fear, because it doesn’t even have to happen. It’s in our heads whenever we want to start something. With every initiative, the initiator’s head is filled with “what if”’s. Leading is being aware of that and facing the what-ifs, look them in the eye and stepping over them.

Yet criticism is not to be discarded. Constructive criticism. This is not something like “This is disappointing” or “I don’t like this”. Constructive criticism – in my book – starts with an impact. It shows the leader how an action, initiative, thought, idea, book… lands with the other person. It is informative about the essence of the action: the creation of an impact.

So much more than Fear of Criticism

Seth Godin is not a psychologist. He’s a marketeer which rhymes with racketeer. And that is no coincidence. However, that is besides the point. In this book, Seth makes a case for the creation of movements. He argues that for the first time in history, anyone can create a movement. All the technology is available for whoever wants to connect people, instil a dream and get them going.

And that is the whole point. When people get together, form tribes around a common goal, the world will change. Nothing is too late. In Trumpian days, this is what we need. We need to get organised and offer the disgruntled masses an alternative. A place starting form love and compassion. Tribes with the desire to improve their world. To make this world a better place for all to enjoy. 


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