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What would happen if you really embraced and harnessed the power that comes with going through a transition such as ours? Transgender coaching is all about embracing the gift of transition. After all, we become beacons of change, inspiring people around us to stand tall and with resilience.

Personally, I rounded my transition cape in the early days of Summer 2013. Ever since I am determined to step up and share the wisdom and power that came along.

What is Transgender Coaching?

Transgender coaching is tailored to transgender and gender fluid people. The starting point is the insight that we are all born perfect. In our path to adulthood we were tailored to be a great many things, except our own authentic selves. From the perspective that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole, together (you and I) tackle your limiting believes and bring you back to your perfect, authentic self, ready to take on the world in a larger, wider, more encompassing sense then what you ever imagined possible.

As a trans woman, I realized, post-transition that the process could have gone so much smoother and insightful when I would have been held by a professional life coach who understood what transition is all about.

When going trough transition we usually can rely on all kinds of medical support in the forms of doctors, voice and psychological therapists, etc. In short, people taking care of your physical and mental health. The question is, how much time do you spend preparing for what is coming after transition? Have you considered your future life and how it will present itself?

the legs of two people sitting across from each other. One person is wearing heels, trhe other has white socks.

It takes one to support one!

My biggest insight came when, around the time of my surgery, I discovered that the place where I really felt a sense of homecoming, safety, quiet, peace,… was with my brothers and sisters. It surprised me and caught me off-guard. I had shun away from our sister- and brotherhood and yet, it was the place to come home to.

As a transgender coach, I stand by you. I am at your side when things are tough to enable you to get on your feet again as I wil be at your side to celebrate your successes. And, trust me, there is plenty of stuff to celebrate along the way. Not only am I by your side, I will keep your eye on the future, on your life beyond transition.

We will be working on how to deal with relationships (the present and the future ones), with your career, the integration of your family, settling in your body (including dealing with sex), friendships… we’ll make the grand tour of life together and get you ready for the joy of life that is to come.

What to expect from Transgender Coaching?

  • This is not therapy. I don’t provide nor search for answers and don’t meddle with the past. As a transgender coach with a trans”her”story, I care about what is happening with you now. My focus is on what is your reality and what opportunities to grow it brings you. It is all about shaping your future.
  • I will challenge you. My care for you is to the point that I only want the best for you. I want you to be all you can be and want to be.
  • I love playing, getting creative and go silly. Expect me to go crazy, challenge you to extend your range and make you grow.
  • Having said that, you grow in a safe space for you. A container to experiment, to feel what it could be. I create an environment that will honour your authentic self. We are perfect the way we are, I do believe that: firmly and adamantly. As a coach, I know that you have the key to all the answers you need. And I know that I can help you turn that key to unlock your own magnificence.

How does it work?

I work only online using Google Meet. Once you booked a time slot, you will receive an email with the details on how to connect with me through Google Meet on the date and time of your choosing.

We start we designing what we want from our relationship, set a target and a trajectory. There are number of options to work together. Find out more below.

What is the structure of a sampler call?

Typically, a sampler transgender coaching call takes about 20 minutes. The idea of this call is (a) either to get a feel of what coaching is, or: (b) to address a general inquiry you might have.

  • A coaching sampler (a) would follow this structure:
    • A small introduction:
      • I’ll kick off by telling you something about me and reiterate the schedule for the session
      • You tell me something about yourself and bring a topic. If you don’t have a topic handy, we’ll look for one together.
    • 10-15 minutes of coaching on the topic that is of interest to you. Or, the one we came up with together
    • A small debrief. I check in how it felt for you and what you learnt. At this point there is also room to discuss the next steps: how we move forward, what is possible, etc.
  • An inquiry (b) would be free flowing.

This chemistry session or complimentary consultation has no strings attached.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lacking inspiration?

Happens. I remember when I had my first life coach, I didn’t know where to start. Here are some possible topics people have brought to me for their chemistry session:

  • A presentation you have to give next week frightens you. How to come across with confidence?;
  • Decision making can be tough and you want some clarity on how to go about;
  • You feel overwhelmed;
  • Exploring what would work to better balance work and life;
  • Going to a new job in your new gender role;
  • Coming out to your lover or parents, how do you do that?;

Remember: a life coach has your back: whatever challenge you are dealing with in real life, is worth exploring. In my chemistry sessions, I try to provide you value and generate the learning and movement I bring into the full-length sessions. Having said this: it is a try out. Chemistry has to work both sides. It has to work for you AND for me.

What does transgender coaching cost?

For a 30 minute session, I charge 50 euro. Payable in advance via PayPal.

A chemistry session is free of charge. Only 1 chemistry session is alowed. When you stand me up, you forfeit your right for a second chance. Respect is one of my core values, when you can’t respect me or my time, I don’t work with you.

Drop me a line and get started: