The Values-Driven Organization – Richard Barrett

Values drive the future

What I like about this (and why I stepped into the certification) is that is makes organising real. No fluffy values that founders seemingly randomly choose, but stuff people get. Really get. Leaders, employees, shareholders, stakeholders aligned to realise the common potential. Imagine that. Values are core to leadership. Research has shown – over and over – that alignment of values between employees, leaders and owners provides a substantial higher level of ROI and ROA for everyone (financially, but also in terms of loyalty, trust, commitment etc).

Why is this important as a leader?

We can talk about leadership all you want, in the end you want to measure it and create manageable accountability towards your stakeholders. This is about what the core of leadership is all about: people. In a small team you know all, in a large company, it is hard to know everyone. What people expect from leaders is that they are seen and recognised as part of the whole. In small teams, like tribes, the leaders knows each and everyone almost better than they know themselves. Values thinking is the way to leverage your leadership across large organisations.

And guess what: I’m a certified practitioner playing with this very tool. When you want to get some more insight and discover what it can do for you and/or your organisation: Do schedule a call. I’m happy to discuss anytime. 

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