The Hard Thing about Hard Things – Ben Horowitz

The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz - on leading from clarityAny management book that urges you to read Dr. Seuss is a winner. I just love metaphors and simple lessons to change the frame through which we look at the world. Clarity is a gift.

There are plenty of books on CEO-ing, none of them so relevant as this one. As a CEO, it’s always great to brainpick other CEO’s and uncover their challenges, only to find out that they are always very similar to mine. This is, as you would expect from a CEO of that caliber: no nonsense, straight forward and directly geared to upping your being a CEO. It’s not a real how-to, it’s a selection of things you stumble upon and a view on how you might tackle them.

Most Memorable Quote: “Sometimes an organisation doesn’t need a solution; it just needs clarity

I believe that far too often we are trained and groomed to find quick solutions and “fix” things, Ben Horowitz voices what is most often needed: clarity. And the way in? Genuine curiosity. I notice myself that, when I’m approaching life from a place of curiosity, clarity arises and there is no need for fixing yet another problem. Furthermore, bringing clarity through/from curiosity grows the people around you.

In my bookshelf, it’s on the side of books I will page through again every so often.


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