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Manifesto for an Empowered Transgender Community

This community is an initiative from and curated by Emmanuelle herself is a transgender woman identifying as gender fluid (or gender non-binary). Her passion and purpose is to create an inclusive world. A world where people see each other as individual human beings. An environment where no-one get judged based on the labels you are attributed at your birth. Imagine a world where curiosity rules and we can engage with each and everyone being curious about who they are.

Building our Transgender Community

The GenderMojo Transgender Community is open to all transgender people, whether transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender non-binary, a-gender… The key is that you want to get your mojo flowing and create, together with Emmanuelle, a braver new world.Based on a recent study of the Rutgers Knowledge Centre in The Netherlands, app. 5% of the population has an ambivalent take on gender (i.e. they declare feeling ambiguous or incongruent with their birth gender). This means that on a European level (EU-28), our transgender community consists of potentially 25,6 million people. Which is roughly the size of Belgium and The Netherlands added together. Our first step is to bring us together using the Meetup platform. Today, is active out of Brussels (BE) and we are planning to launch Utrecht (NL) in the coming weeks. After that… up to you to pitch in and co-create the movement with me.

Empowering Ourselves

My purpose with this community is to create a platform for learning and growth. I am a professional leadership coach and creator of adult learning experiences. I know that, when we gain new insights from a better connection with ourselves, we overcome our limitations and gain the ability to create the world we want to live in. Therefore we organise events that will enable you to craft your story, find your purpose and unleash your hidden power. The community I am creating is one where learning is at the heart. The learning I am creating with this transgender community is one where we learn with and from each other. A type of learning which is contextually relevant and transformational in its essence. This is “the bigger game” for all of us.GenderMojo is a private, moderated and lead group. I will ask for active participation. Hanging out, chilling, etc. is not the purpose. There are plenty of other groups who do that. This is the place for you to grow. Here you will become an active transgender citizen.

Our Cornerstones

Four words are key to this community. Everything we do, offer and grow is solidly standing on this concepts:

  • Kinship: there is no place like home. One of the big insights many trans people have post transition is that the only place you can really come home to is with your peers. Learning to truly lean in in our tribe is the primary cornerstone.
  • Empowerment. Our events are empowerment driven and work around skills such as storytelling, core leadership, building resilience, coming out, creating allies… Together we will make a difference in all aspects of life.
  • Curation. This means that our community is taken care of. We challenge thoughts, bring we thinking to the table, organise workshops, trainings, etc. Both online as face-to-face. Currently we are organising events in Brussels (BE) and Utrecht (NL)
  • Inclusion. Our tribe is open to all transgender people, whether transgender, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender non-binary, a-gender… anyone who affiliates with the transgender movement in the broadest sense and wanting to get their mojo flowing to create a brave new world together.

Be welcome, you were expected.


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