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This is an overview of some of the initiatives I run as workshops or projects on a continuous basis. Oftentimes, the initiatives described here are adapted and made specifically relevant for your organisation. Do reach out for more information. Send me a mail using the form on your right. I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Overview of initiatives I run

In our relationships with the people around us, we start from a number of assumptions. From what we see (neat, sloppy, chic, cheap, blond, brunette ...), we build a story about the person in front of us. This story we make up is most often the starting point for our relationship with that person. In doing so, we seldom get curious about whether our own story is true and, even more rarely, adjust it to reality. Consequence: a lot of miscommunication and a feeling that you yourself are not always understood. This workshop is about learning how we can punch holes in our own story. The result: more genuine and deeper relationships.

This is for you when you...
  • want to explore how we can notice our assumptions and deal with them
  • feel like deepening the relationships within a team
  • like to pre-empt conflict
  • find conflict is a waste of time
  • risk being fixated in your own thoughts about other people

You will discover how you uncover your own assumptions about other people. Also gain insight in how much they determine your life, how you deal with them and how you can clear them.

You will also learn how to deal with conflict using the "alignment model"

This workshop is designed to be run with anywhere from 8 to 36 people. Ideally, the group is app. 16 people. The smaller the group, the higher the level of intimacy that is achieved.

Ideally we have about 2 hours to play. However, we an also make it work in app. 1 hour.

This is a - in its full version - a 2 day adventure in diversity. I run this workshop together with a diversity lawyer and colleague from Germany. The aim is to dive deep into the diversity topic working from and with discrimination. We have found over and over again, that discrimination is the great equalizer between people. We have seen that this approach brings people together and opens the eyes towards diversity and inclusion.This workshop is bound to alter the way you and your team think, feel and breath together.

This is for your team when you...

  • want to get "in the bones": a visceral experience of diversity and in-/exclusion to "never forget" and really alter the equation
  • are committed to making a difference
  • need a real break with the past
  • start building equitable systems (or are auditing them)
You will learn:
  • what diversity, in- & exclusion and equity mean
  • how to build a team that propagates D&I initiatives through the organisation

This workshop is designed to be run with anywhere from 8 to 24 people. Ideally, the group is app. 16 people. The smaller the group, the higher the level of intimacy that is achieved.

In a full setting we work over the course of 2 full days. However, we have create a lighter version focussing on some aspects to be completed in a single day.

Mentoring is one of the key tools to improve inclusion. Time and again, studies have shown that diversity & inclusion initiatives tend to wrok better when they are backed by a well oiled mentoring system. Such a system enables all groups to obtain the best possible access to key projects, leadership visibility etc.

In al, next to promoting equity, it shifts the mental frames of both the mentee and the mentor. A well designed mentor program ensures that inclusion infused values are propagated through the organisation.

Mentors and mentees get trained to leverage each other to the fullest and co-create a fruitful relationship (in both ways).

This is for your organisation when you look for...

  • ways to put D&I initiatives into practice
  • want to involve leadership (middel and higher management) in D&I initiatives
  • seek to create a platform for growth leveraging your diversity potential
  • developing leadership in assuming a stronger mentor role
Building and maintaining a mentoring capacity in your organisation.
Mentoring programmes are co-designed with you. Having said that, a typical engagement includes:
  • Co-designing of the programme. This implies, a.o. designing a matching logic, discerning possible mentors and mentees, designing the roles and their content for each...
  • Training mentors and mentees to fulfilling their role, designing their relationship, providing feedback to each other, etc.
  • Setting up the management & tracking of the programme KPI's
  • Annually debriefing and following up

Inclusive leadership is the practice of leadership that carefully includes the contributions of all stakeholders in the community or organisation. Inclusion means being at the table at all levels of the organisation, being a valued contributor and being fully responsible for your contribution to the ultimate result. Inclusive leadership creates an organisational culture that consistently produces results that benefit all of those stakeholders.

As a coach I partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise you leadership potential in such a way that you will be able to alter your environment to become that much more inclusive and celebratory of diversity.

I start from the perspective that all leaders create their world, every day. Inclusive leaders do so from a perspective of integration. They create space for all contributors and maximise the return for their stakeholders.

This is for you and your organisation when you...

  • want to unleash your full leadership potential
  • desire to instil diversity and inclusion practices in your organisation
  • are launching D&I initiatives and want to amplify your leadership
Leadership coaching is not something off the shelf. Any coaching partnership is design and tailored to you, the client.A typical design would be as following:
  • Chemistry session (free) and design of the collaboration
  • Leadership Values Assessment (LVA): a 360 degree assessment of your values as a leader cross compared to your perception.
  • Debrief of the assessment and designing the coaching engagement
  • Quarterly assessment of the coaching
Let's get together in a chemistry session and discover how it would be to work together.

The essence of any organisational culture are the values each individual participant brings to it. When understanding the values of one another as well as the current organisational value perception and what is desired, a foundation is laid. This foundation allows us to move towards a culture that enables diversity & inclusion-centricity.

That is why I do not focus on counting heads or measuring opinions. I work primarily with Barrett's Values thinking and methodology tailored towards D&I initiatives and practices. I firmly believe that any strategy and subsequent initiative is to be rooted in solid research. Barrett's approach offers this in a low impact format for the respondents.

As a former market researcher, I have all too often seen how valuable information is not being captured because of questionnaires that offer no feedback to the respondent and are tediously lengthy. To the extent I wrote a paper about it and redesigned my psychometric research praxis.

This is for your organisation when you...

  • want to engrain Diversity & Inclusion in the culture of your organisation
  • believe, as I do, that people are not "resources" but active participants in realising the mission of the organisation
  • recognise the necessity for an instrument that is easy-to-use, highly performant and proven to work.

Typically, this type of project requires more than a call. Drop me a line and let's meet.

I can meet you both in real life and online. Looking forward to seeing you.

These initiatives are indicative of the work I do. Feel free to reach out and aim to co-design a solution that works for you.



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