What is coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. Coaching focusses on the "here and now" with an eye on the client's future. As a coach, I support you in unlocking the potential within, holding them naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Coaching is Partnering

Coaching is not helping. I don't do things for you and - heaven forbid - will never assume you need something and act upon that. On the contrary: coaching is working together. It's a coming together of two human beings where one, the coach, is dedicated to the other, the client, to provide a higher sense of clarity in life, point towards the gems, bring provoking thoughts to the table, give open and honest feedback from a place of independence.

As a coach I firmly believe that you carry the key to your fulfilment and success within you. I shine a light on those spots and places where your self development and learning will be most fruitful. I will enable you to see your hidden gems. Together we will co-create ways for you to continue on your path of self-realisation, forever.

I will not "fix you". I can't because I know you are perfect the way you are. Sometimes the only thing we need is a nudge to open the doors that we have had locked for ourselves. The essence for me is: coaching is partnering to boldly go where you have never gone before. Learn what you need for your next step, land the learning by engraining it into a new way of doing or seeing.

Coaching is hard work

I don't sit and listen. Though I love a great story, we are not working together for you to tell me stories. We work together because you want to go somewhere. I will be challenging you to actually achieve your goal. However grand or small your goal is. Your goal can be as tangible as "presenting in front of a group of people" or as grand as "envisioning a future after transition". In any and all cases: work has to be done.

A coaching series is a combination of reflecting and learning. Gaining insights on your being and how that manifests in your actions. In between sessions, there are exercises, things to try and stuff to report back on. We will not be having gentle chats with no real purpose other than uncovering the past. That is something you do with counselors and therapists. I love storytelling, but when coaching is a partnership, the stories just don't help. This is not about offering a stage, I'm here to have your back, to shine a light on your greatness.

Coaching is about movement. Yes there is space for reflection, but ultimately coaching is about generating movement. And guess what: it works.

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