I’m an experiential leadership and inclusion coach. My believe is that we, human beings, are all capable of stepping into our leadership. Leadership comes in all forms and shapes and is unique to each individual. As a coach I bring out the leader within you.

My career brought me in a variety of leadership roles in SME’s and listed companies. I was active mainly in market research and brand consulting. Next to this I also co-founded 2 companies: a consultancy agency as well as an online brand activation company.

Throughout my career, I trained to be a consumer psychologist, deep diving in a myriad of cultures across our globe. This enabled clients to build meaningful connections between people and their brands (and products). During this period, talking to and connecting with the different communities I encountered, I came to realise that leadership is not something you need to study. Leadership is innate in all of us. All it takes is an open heart, the desire to take charge of your community and take the first step. And coaching is one way in.

Uncovering the Coach Within

In 2015, as a COO of a Belgian Home Care provider with app 650 nurses, I was wondering how to leverage our organisation. My focus being on improving both efficiency and profitability. At this time I came across the book "Reinventing Organisations" by Frederic Laloux. In the book he describes the case of "Buurtzorg" in the Netherlands, a similar organisation to mine. While tinkering with the organisation, I quickly came to realise that I would only be able to head this new structure when I would know how to coach.

This got me in touch with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the oldest, most reputed and leading coaching training schools in the world. Their Co-Active take on the world resonated strongly with me. Insofar that I decided not only to do the core training, but also go for certification and leadership-training to establish myself as a fulltime co-active leadership coach.

Today, I design and run adult learning experiences in the form of workshops, retreats and coaching. I enable people to better connect with one another and have them taste their own leadership potential. With seasoned leaders, I amplify dramatically the leadership which is already present.

Diversity & Inclusion

Next to working directly on the topic of leadership, I also work on the impact of leadership. What I noticed as a consumer psychologist is that thriving communities tend to be more open towards strangers without loosing their identity. Ever since the topic of "diversity" and especially "inclusion" became part of the work I did. Additionally,  I am a trans woman. As such, I experienced first hand the impact of venturing out of traditional frames. While my environment told me they had "no issues with this", I saw my network fall apart. This made me curious about how it is that people mean what they say AND act in a different manner. To me, morphing from one gender into another, felt natural, logical and a small step. For my surroundings it seemed insurmountable. I wondered what was the underlying mental current. That unconscious bias we carry with us and seem to hold on to.

Ever since, I’m on a mission to change our traditional leadership’s perspective and turning our world into a place where diversity is celebrated. A place where we all actively, and consciously, work towards seeing each other as human beings. This in contrast to lumping others onto piles tainted with assumptions. To me, there is only "us"​. No one is "them"​.

Using the same curiosity I had seeing my network disintegrate, I apply now as a coach. My coaching is focused on enabling people to harness their innate power and make a stand for inclusion.

Coach & Other Credentials

I hold a Msc. in Commercial Sciences with majors in Finance and Marketing and a MBA from SDA Bocconi. Also, I am a certified and accredited life & leadership coach (CPCC (CTI), ACC (ICF), Leadership Graduate (CTI)). Furthermore, I am certified to work with DISC (Platinum Rule) and Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT Practitioner for Barrett's Value Center).


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