coaching to navigate transitions

Transitions are daunting.
The certainty of the uncertainty we face, the guts it take to let go of the past; the commitment to stepping into the present and designing a purposeful new future.
Together we navigate the minefield between you and your future.

Transgender Coaching

What happens when you embrace the power that comes with going through a transition such as ours? Transgender coaching is all about embracing the gift of transition.

Let's never forget that we became not only true to our souls but also beacons of change, inspiring people around us to stand tall and with resilience.

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Leadership Transitions

Being asked to lead is an honor which doesn't happen overnight. People recognize leaders from a mile away. The good news: anyone can be a leader.

Leadership is a natural thing to do for people. However, it's the one thing we don't get taught in school. And, it's never too late.

Are you ready?

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I'd love to share my experience to help you build your transition and personal leadership from scratch. Get in touch and let's get to know each other.

Danielle S.
Danielle S.Singapore

Emmanuelle's vast work-life experience takes coaching to a new level and spectrum. Combined with her personal touch she is willing to take the leap with you in any challenging field! I would strongly recommend to have a session with her just to experience what difference she makes!

Jen W.R.
Jen W.R.United Kingdom

Emmanuelle is incredibly open and thoughtful and articulate. She is open, experiential and offers up beautiful images and metaphors to work with. Emmanuelle shows up to each session with deep curiosity and willingness to explore. I left each call feeling more deeply connected to humanity and both spiritually and intellectually invigorated.

Lean into your transition now.

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