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We transform organisations and teams towards a more inclusive place to thrive

Our believe is that we, human beings, are all capable of stepping into our leadership. Leadership comes in all forms and shapes and is unique to each individual. Organisations are bands of leaders, some lead the whole, others take charge of smaller groups (teams). Leaders model the behaviour they stand for. We enable leaders at all levels to embrace diversity and model inclusion. Therefore, we design and run adult learning experiences in the form of workshops, retreats and coaching; advocate for inclusion through our speaking engagements, podcasts... and facilitate organisational transformation.

Inclusion Improves Profitability

All studies confirm that inclusion leads to a greater return on capital investments, an increase in return on investments, a higher business efficiency and a reduced level of business risk.

Outperformance Rate of Inclusive Teams when making Business Decisions
Cash Flow Increase per FTE
EBIT Increase per 10% Inclusion Growth in Senior Executive Teams (UK)

Diversity & Inclusion

Designing Inclusive Systems

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory


Diversity & Inclusion are part of an organisational mindset. This entails that, only when they are engrained in your company's culture, the benefits come to full fruition. To get there, the thinking needs to become part of the essence of the culture. Expressed in the values of each individual.

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Leadership Development

Growing Inclusive Leaders

Leadership Development


Leaders drive thriving systems forward. I make a stand for inclusive leadership. Inclusive leaders see individuals als naturally creative, resourceful and whole human beings, forego stereotypes and don't lump them into groups. They leverage the diversity to create higher performance of their teams, their people and their organisation. What is holding you back?

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What People say...

Emmanuelle's coaching was crucial for the career reorientation process I started in 2018. She helped me to identify and address my values, strengths, weaknesses and professional attributes, which has considerably increased my self-awareness, self-confidence and strategic thinking in my job search. I particularly enjoyed her no-nonsense and motivational attitude, as well as her kindness and warmth along our shared path. I definitely recommend her excellent coaching skills!

Joan Manuel L.P. (Spain)

Emmanuelle's vast work-life experience takes coaching to a new level and spectrum. Combined with her personal touch she is willing to take the leap with you in any challenging field! I would strongly recommend to have a session with her just to experience what difference she makes!

Danielle S. (Singapore)

Emmanuelle is incredibly open and thoughtful and articulate. She is open, experiential and offers up beautiful images and metaphors to work with. Emmanuelle shows up to each session with deep curiosity and willingness to explore. I left each call feeling more deeply connected to humanity and both spiritually and intellectually invigorated.

Jen W.R. (United Kingdom)

Intuitive, sensitive, flexible and playful. She asked powerful questions, invited me to work with images and my imagination. Her coaching also included working with and listening to my body. This combination appeared to work well for me. I learned how to cope more effectively with some specific fears I encounter in my work/business

Karin V. (Netherlands)

What I appreciated most about Emmanuelle's style of coaching was that she gently but surely not only put the action in my hands, but also make me realise I going forward was the right thing. Simple questions made me think about what was really needed to achieve my goals. Without feeling the pressure of a deadline while being challenged to get where I wanted to be. In time. And it worked. I wrote a curriculum with which I was really happy, described who I am and how I want to work, and it got me a nice job, where I got hired in essence because of who I am.

Janine W. (Belgium)

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